Kids, they have so much to say. Specially those who have not been payed much attention, or have not been photographied so much, oh those, they are poems. Their expression is genuine, clear, and usually mysterious. I went to Isla Corazón on Sunday, expecting to take photos of animals in nature. And I did, but the best images were these, and they were all from children. I will leave them here so that you can think about what they are saying…

That made me think of other kids I’ve come cross during my trip, so I have added their photos here, too. 

kids are amazing


Last saturday night, a woman and a man got married.

The place was idilic, the weather couldn’t have been nicer (including a sunset over the Pacifcic, in Ecuador coast.)

But this wedding was so sad. Really.

Sometimes just adding up logical factors does not make things work. It doesn’t matter that it should work. It simply didn’t.

I couldn’t help but ask myself: how free are these people making the decision for the  rest of their lives?

I took some pictures, and I find they are sad, too…